Mobilane Green Screen, Instant sustainable & green fencing

Instant Green

The Green Screen of Mobilane is a pre-cultivated screen which provides a perimeter security solution. The  Mobilane Green Screen is available in different sizes and varieties, even three meters high. Perfect for use as a sustainable and secure boundary around gardens, schools, colleges, hospitals and other sites. The Green Screens also provide a deterrent against graffiti and other anti-social behavior.


The Mobilane Green Screens can be installed in just a few hours and can be planted year round (except for periods with frost). For installation against an existing wall no extra materials are required. For installation around gardens you need to secure the screen to posts.


  • Hedera (various Ivy)
  • Carpinus betulus (hornbeam)
  • Fagus sylvatica (beech)
  • Ligustrum
  • Pyracantha

Sizes green screens

  • w120 x h100*
  • w120 x h155*
  • w120 x h180
  • w120 x h220*
  • w120 x h300*

*depending on type of screen

Contact Mobilane for more information about the Mobilane green screens.


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