“The Mission of Mobilane is to build a

greener and healthier environment”

Innovative green systems designed and engineered by Mobilane offer new and exciting possibilities for enhancing spaces, even when there is little space.

Building’s walls, both interior and exterior, roof spaces, corridors and meeting spaces offer plenty of scope for adding greenery to contribute to wellbeing and a more pleasing environment.

In retail, hospitality, transport, education, government, in fact in almost every sector, there are spaces where our systems are designed to add value.

About Mobilane

Founded in 2001 and with its headquarters in Leersum, Holland, Mobilane is a pan-European company which develops, supplies and installs cost effective, innovative and sustainable green wall and fencing systems for the built environment.

Part of the Darthuizer Group, Mobilane has subsidiaries in United Kingdom, Germany, Belgium, Luxemburg, Denmark, Afrika and sells products across 17 European countries. The company will shortly be embarking on an expansion into Asia.

Since its foundation, Mobilane has made great strides in developing the most impressive and robust living systems available. The company has been responsible for encouraging and growing European markets for green walls and Green Screens and has an enviable reputation for design, service and above all reliability.

Mobilane supplies several systems including; Green Screen security fencing; LivePicture, living green art; LivePanel green wall system; Mobiroof green roof system; LiveDivider the green room divider; Wallplanter living wall system; NoiStop noise reducing acoustic fencing. The company continues to innovate and to introduce new systems on an annual basis.

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